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George Jackson on capitalism and black capitalism.

Taken from his book “Soledad Brother: The Prison Writings of George Jackson.” (pages 235-237)

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Blacks embrace capitalism, the most unnatural and outstanding example of man against himself that history can offer. After the Civil War, the form of slavery changed from chattel to economic slavery, and we were thrown onto the labor market to compete at a disadvantage with poor whites. Ever since that time, our principle enemy must be isolated and identified as capitalism. The slaver was and is the factory owner, the business man of capitalist Amerika, the man responsible for employment, wages, prices, control of the nation’s institutions and culture. It was the capitalist infrastructure of Europe and the U.S. which was responsible for the rape of Africa and Asia. Capitalism murdered those 30 million in the Congo. Believe me, the European and Anglo-Amerikan capitalist would never have wasted the ball and powder were it not for the profit principle. The men, all the men who went into Africa and Asia, the fleas who climbed on that elephant’s back with rape on their minds, richly deserve all that they are called. Every one of them deserved to die for their crimes. So do the ones who are still in Vietnam, Angola, Union of South Africa (U.S.A.!!). But we must not allow the emotional aspects of these issues, the scum at the surface, to obstruct our view of the big picture, the whole rotten hunk. It was capitalism that armed the ships , free enterprise that launched them, private ownership of property that fed the troops. Imperialism took up where the slave trade left off. It wasn’t until after the slave trade ended that America, England, France, and the Netherlands invaded and settled in on Afro-Asian soil in earnest. As the European industrial revolution took hold, new economic attractions replaced the older ones; chattel slavery was replaced by neoslavery. Capitalism, “free” enterprise, private ownership of public property armed and launched the ships and fed the troops; it should be clear that it was the profit motive that kept them there.

It was the profit motive that built the tenement house and the city project. Profit and loss prevents repairs and maintenance. Free enterprise bought the monopolistic chain store into the neighborhood. The concept of private ownership of facilities that the people need to exist brought the legions of hip-shooting, brainless pigs down upon our heads, our homes, our streets. They’re there to protect the entrepreneur!! His chain store, and his property that you are renting, his bank.

Black capitalism, black against itself. The silliest contradiction in a long train of spineless, mindless contradictions.


He took me to the field behind my house and he kept me company while I jumped in the flowers. “Welcome back,” he said. And I truly do feel back. Things will be okay. Things will be alright.

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Spring,” 1901-2, designed by John La Farge, assembled by Thomas Wright, and painted by Juliette Hanson

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“Spring,” 1901-2, designed by John La Farge, assembled by Thomas Wright, and painted by Juliette Hanson


Life in Gaza

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Leonor Fini(Argentine, 1907-1996)

Bondage   1980

Lithograph in colour

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Leonor Fini(Argentine, 1907-1996)
Bondage   1980
Lithograph in colour
She is a person who does not think that activism and critical thinking is a dour, sober, humorless enterprise. She believes that social movements are movements that generate a feeling, yes, of joy and excitement and of truly being alive. And I think that’s a very important commentary that she makes, because I think it is important for people who maybe are wondering whether they should become involved in social movements and to work for peace and justice to know that this does not mean that they are going into a monastery but that they are going to be part of an enterprise which is joyful and fun and life-giving.



WAÏF: When architecture is just perfect

Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España

Fernando Higueras (1930-2008) and Antonio Miró (1931-2011)

Madrid, 1960-1990


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Evening Post: August 12, 1899.
"She immediately alighted, caught hold of the astonished youth, and gave him a sound thrashing, using her fists in a scientific fashion…”

I would love to know what this means.

I think that might be code for “punched him in the balls with devastating accuracy”.

I imagine it means “in the precise and accurate manner of one who has trained in the science of fisticuffs.” Various schools of FIGHTAN GOOD have sold themselves as The Rationally Derived Way To Fight over the years…

As has been pointed out, it most likely means “in the manner of a boxer”.

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"The Lottery". Watch it on YouTube [x]

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