1. THE AUTHOR IS DEAD. The world has changed and we have all become meaningless. The World Meaning Conference is being held in New York this week to examine the consequences. We are heavy, and can no longer sleep in our beds. We walk without purpose. Our art gives no emotion. We no longer need to eat or drink.

    "There is no explanation for this" says Carla East, leading semiotician. "No one will ever know what happened or why."

    We spend our days sitting outside. It is difficult to speak in our old languages. We cannot harm ourselves. Maybe it is no longer possible to die.



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    New Map Project: Highways of the United States

    At long last, I can finally unveil my (almost) completed map project that i’ve been working on since May 31, 2012. Yes, 2012!

    I’ve given plenty of teasers about this project over the last two years, but I still think the final scale of it will amaze you. Not only have I created a map of the contiguous United States that shows every single last active and numbered Interstate Highway and U.S. Route (both two- and three-digit), but I’ve also broken the map down into separate state and regional maps. So far, I’ve made 33 of these maps and there’s another 11 to go to complete the set. There aren’t 48 state maps because some of them are just too small to show individually (I’m looking at you, Rhode Island!). These are included in regional maps like New England or Chesapeake (Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and DC).

    More details about the project and better image previews can be found on my main design website. Head on over to read about the main US map, or about the individual state and regional maps.

    Posters in a variety of sizes are available in my brand new shop. Orders taken up to the end of the month of April are pre-orders; I expect to begin shipping in the first week of May.

    Comments, reblogs, likes, and shares are appreciated to spread the word! Let me know what you think, or let me know if you find any glaring errors.

    in general i am So Over the “subway map of things that aren’t subways” aesthetic but this is really well done



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    Kitten calls for backup

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  6. beatonna:

    Here is a sketch comic I made called Ducks, in five parts.

    Part One

    Part Two

    Part Three

    Part Four

    Part Five

    Ducks is about part of my time working at a mining site in Fort McMurray, the events are from 2008.  It is a complicated place, it is not the same for all, and these are only my own experiences there.  It is a sketch because I want to test how I would tell these stories, and how I feel about sharing them.  A larger work gets talked about from time to time.  It is not a place I could describe in one or two stories.  Ducks is about a lot of things, and among these, it is about environmental destruction in an environment that includes humans.  Thank you for taking the time to read it.



  7. If the working class has remained “poor,” only “less poor” in proportion as it produces for the wealthy class “an intoxicating augmentation of wealth and power,” then it has remained relatively just as poor. If the extremes of poverty have not lessened, they have increased, because the extremes of wealth have.
    — Karl Marx - Capital Vol 1 1867 (via dailymarx)

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    The Gleno Dam was completed in 1923 and failed within 40 days of being fully filled. A small impoundment reservoir was built in the shadow of the old works, which can be seen when viewed from upstream. (via)

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    the way the Normals all talk about their careers and personal “passions” is more than a little bit horrifying

    the question becomes “how do I do things I care about without catching what they have” :-/